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Canada’s fastest growing newspaper is coming to the USA. Druthers has been a smash success in Canada and we’re excited to share with you now too.

HELLO AMERICA!! Have you heard of Druthers yet? If not, you likely soon will. Druthers is a new, independent newspaper that started in Canada in December 2020. It’s not like any other paper you’ve ever read!

After a rapid, huge success in Canada we now have a USA based team coming together to bring Druthers to your local communities too.

This paper is filled with important news, information & perspectives that mainstream media won’t talk about.

Druthers is completely people powered. It is funded, written, distributed & promoted by concerned citizens like yourself who see the catastrophic path we are being led down and who care enough to do something about it.

Your donations are the only way this is happening, so please give what you can, if you can and let’s wake up more Americans!


At a cost of just 8 cents per paper for printing & distribution, your donations are highly effective.


We are aiming to launch into the USA with 100,000 copies of this free publication on August 1st and your help with making that happen is vital.

Due to the lies being told on mainstream media and the extreme censorship by big tech companies, we started Druthers in Canada in December with 25,000 papers (crowd-funded) and it became an instant success. In just a few short months Druthers exploded in popularity, seeing 1000’s of passionate readers all across Canada distributing Druthers papers freely to the people in their own communities.

Now, we are excited to say, Druthers USA is about to be born.  With so much interest, passion and demand for these papers coming from our friends south of the border, a USA based team has been coming together to distribute these papers freely all across your beautiful country too.

Our goal is to start with 100,000 copies. Our cost is just 8 cents per 12 page paper (includes both printing and distribution) so to make this happen, the funding goal is $8000 USD.

As with Canada, the only way this will be a success in the USA too is if the people step up and help make it happen. Donate what you can, if you can, because at the low cost of just 8 cents per newspaper,  your donations go far toward help humanity begin to questioning things more deeply.

Why are Americans so interested in this Canadian based newspaper anyway? Some say it’s because we provide a space for the voices, opinions & perspectives that are ignored or smeared by the mainstream media outlets. Druthers is a space for honestly exploring thoughts and ideas, especially ones that big tech and legacy media try to hide and distract us from.

And really, when rights and freedoms of the people in countries all around the world are being so heavily infringed upon, it should become everyone’s duty to investigate and question things with a genuine, cautious eye.

We need more people asking the tough questions and seeing through the lies. That is the main focus of Druthers… planting seeds of thought.

If you share in our mission, please do what you can to help ensure the success of this campaign. Give what you can, if you can, and if you cannot, please share this fundraiser everywhere you can. Nothing matters more right now than helping more people see the bigger picture of what is going on in the world right now.

Together we really are making a difference!

With Love,
Shawn Jason (from Canada)


Read all past issues online at:

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